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    主题 Nike Air Foamposite Pro   let the  calf  is thin

    Since the beginning of summer  ,Wuhan  Central Hospital  Dermatology  almost daily  reception of  many  foot eczema  ,athlete  ,foot  sweat herpes  disease  patients.  Dermatologist Ke Bing  analysis,  most of these patients  have  outdoor  activities  long time  barefoot  shoes  experience.
      She reminds  ,Xia Tianchang time  barefoot shoes  may cause foot  disease  ,public  outdoor activities should  try to avoid  .Ke Bing says  ,summer outdoor  activities  when the  foot  is easy to sweat  ,bare feet shoes  without socks  absorb sweat  ,feet were  suppressed  in the shoe,  local  sweat can not  timely  evaporation  ,maceration of the skin  ,make the skin  protection  function decline.
      And  shoes  due to moisture  ,bacteria  ,fungi  and easy to  grow  ,bare feet shoes  can easily lead to  skin  diseases  at the same time  ,because there is no  socks  .Protection  ,the friction between feet and shoes  ,heel shoes so often and  the  contact part of  the longer the thick cuticle  ,greatly increased  corn and other  foot  disease occurrence  possibility  .
    There are  some inferior  shoes  ,containing formaldehyde  and other substances,  bare feet shoes  will  increase the skin  to absorb these harmful  toxins  possibilities.  Ke Bing suggests  ,summer  outdoor activities  ,the best choice of  thin and soft  ,breathable and good  shoes  ,sandals  or  shoes  should be avoided as far as possible  .
    Barefoot  shoes  ,choose the  sweat absorbing effect  good  thin socks  ,and be  changed and washed regularly  ,keep the  shoes  clean  .(end  )  extended reading  :Summer  care  should pay attention to what  ?The summer  sun  should  protect their eyes  the sun  can promote  the growth of melanin  ,the skin  thickening of the stratum corneum  ,prevents  viral  ,bacterial  and various  toxic substances  invasion.
      Therefore  ,appropriate sun  ,health  benefits.  However  ,protect the eyes from the  perspective of  summer  sunshine is strong  ,the best to wear  a pair of  tainted glasses  ,prevent sunlight  directly into the  eye  .
    Because  ,the strong sunlight  into the  eyes  ,very easy to  damage in the retina.  So  ,the summer  sun  Yi  protect your eyes  .Summer workouts  should  walk barefoot  summer  exercise  ,walking  is one of the best  sports  city  ,people are advised to  walk barefoot  to  close to the nature  .
    In bare feet  just  cut grass  or  pebbles on a  walk,  not only comfortable,  but also to the  physical and mental health  is good  .Because  ,plantar  all human  visceral  reflex zone  .Walking barefoot  ,on  plantar  activity  was stimulated,エアジョーダン4  if reproduced,  thereby improving the  blood circulation  ,improve  the human body  tension  ,and promote  cell renewal  .
    So  ,summer  training  to  walk barefoot  in summer  .Quaternary  older people to exercise  appropriate  and  older people in  summer  exercises  ,such as  recreation  should be  quiet.  After getting up in the morning,  may be appropriate to  participate in some  sports activities  such as  morning and  do everything in one  .
    According to the early dawn  to the  lush  ,can  take a walk in the park  ,jogging  ,Tai Chi  ,doing gymnastics  ,strength  differ from man to man  ,to comfort  degree  ,Tugunaxin  ,helps to improve the  body temperature regulation function  ,enhance the body of  heat  tolerance.
    The  evening  stroll in the  river  ,lake  ,the cool breeze  ,will often  make people  calm  water,  the heat  dunxiao  .Summer  swimming  exercise  should be  hot climate  ,swimming is  the best  exercise  ,especially in July  the most suitable  water  swimming  .
    Buoyancy  so that the body  joint  from the  body  to the effects of gravity,  in a completely  relaxed state  .Therefore  ,swimming  on the shoulder joint  ,knee joint  be of great advantage  .In addition  ,summer swimming  can also speed up blood circulation  ,which can prevent  the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.
      Summer  after  summer  training  exercise  should be  changing  ,nike zoom kobe 7,due to the hot climate  ,human  sweat more  ,clothes  often  wet  .Some young people  rely on  strong  ,often  Lanyu replacement  sweat  clothes,  but with  temperature  drying  .
    This  after a considerable period of time  ,extremely easy to cause  rheumatism or  arthritis and other diseases.  So  After exercise  ,the summer  should be  changing  .Summer  thin  to do  exercise  when summer comes  ,for women,  in the  wear thin  sweater  before,  should  check  their  winter  neglected  figure,  have a look  fat  .
    But don  ,can  exercise  to achieve  fitness  ,fitness  first  ,recovery  .Calf  thin.  Appropriate to do a  tiptoe  exercise  ,can  stimulate the calf muscle  ,remove excess  fat,  let the  calf  is thin  ,the  graceful lines  .
    (  1)sitting in a chair  ,toes  in  10~ 20cmhigh platform  ,heel  to  press down  .(  2)and then  forced  to improve  leg  ,heel  ,reduction  ,repeat this  action sets  .Some suggestions:  (  1)in the  knee  place heavy objects  (  such as  books  )  effect is better  .
    (  2)can be used  instead of  the foot  platform  books  .(3)  this movement  is very simple  ,can be as much as possible to  do  ,repeat 30  ~ 50 timesduring exercise needs  .Have  a sense of rhythm.  Second  ,ankle  becomes  slender.
      With the sole  circle  ,this action  has  let the  ankles  ,legs  thin  beauty  effect.  (  1)take seat,  toes forward  ,feet  and  knees together  .(  2)to heel of a  shaft  ,the soles of the feet  slowly  forced  to  circle  around  several suggestions  .
    :(  1)the heel must  together  (2)  within the knee  .Side  try to  stick  to the right and to the left  .(3  )the sole  circle  ,do 10  ~20.Third  ,more slender  legs crossed  legs  .Down,  forced extension of  knee  posterior  muscles  ,strengthen  the  muscles  ,can make the  legs of the U-shaped  more slender  .
    (  1)the upright  ,legs crossed  (  2)upper body  down  .Pressure  ,until  the tip of the finger  touch  the ground.  (  3)the body  soft  can also  try to  use palm  light  on the ground.  Some suggestions:  (  1)first started  ,rear knee  muscles  are sore  ,habit,  no  abnormal feeling  .
    In the course of time  ,can increase the body  flexibility  .(  2)the left and right leg  cross  do 5  ~10.Pay attention to  the knee  can not be  bent.  Fitness for the summer  to  take one  water  aqua jogging  jogging  in  the United States  is very popular in  summer  ,tens of thousands of  people  to the sea and  the swimming pool  jogging  ,the United States  has become  a new  exercise  .
    Do  water  jogging,  body  should be suspended vertically in  the water  ,slightly higher  than  the  nostrils  ,limbs such as the  turbine  as  violent  as  paddling  ,flopped about in the water  to many  ducks  .
    No formal  training and  older  people,  it is an  ideal movement.  Because  ,jogging in the water  body  can  evenly distributed  load  .The water  than  land  .Jogging  has obvious advantages.  On land  ,each  run 16 kilometers  ,movement of the  feet  must  hit the ground  about 1000 times  ,his  feet  ,knees and hips  are vulnerable to  shocks,  so  often make muscle sprain or  ligament strain  .
    In water  by  concussion  is zero  ,and thus  does not appear  the  accident of  water resistance  .Air resistance  12 times,run 45 minutes in the water  ,equivalent to running on land for 2  hours.Therefore  ,summer  jogging in the water  is a more effective  method of fitness  .
    Water  jogging on  obesity  especially  .Because the density of water and  heat  than air,  so  the water  consumption of energy  than land  .More  .These  energy  supply  ,mainly by  in vivo depletion of  fat and sugar  to complement,  through this method can  remove  the body  has  too much fat.
      So  ,water  jogging  is a kind of  effective  method of  reducing weight  .The experts pointed out  ,summer  water  jogging  want successive  ,do not begin to  do lots of exercise  .A person  jogging in the water  after 5 minutes  ,the heart rate  should not exceed  100 per minuteto 130 times,  and to  rest and exercise  alternately  is appropriate.
      Summer  training  exercises on the  appropriate water in  summer  ,the scorching sun  ,hot  and difficult,  the  cool swimming pool  out  A kind of irresistible  charm  .Because  this kind of charm,  will be  another  way to easily  push on  fitness  fitness  arena  ,this is the water  on  .
    In some countries in Europe and America  ,water  on  to  its easy to learn  characteristics,  widely  popular.  In summer  ,many people  like  the feeling of  immersion in water  ,cool and comfortable  and quite  entertainment  .
    Water  aerobics  ,more heavy  the  entertainment and interest.  Sensitive  businesses have  centered around  "  "  ;water  ;make a fuss  .They almost  put  on the ground of the  fitness  equipment  all  moved  into the water.
      To all sorts of  foam  equipment,  large enough to be  called "  "  ;equipment  ;weight lifting  ,stretching device  ,a  number of  "  ;"  ;.So  fun  ,and  there is  love to see and hear  form of exercise  ,so  the sport  soon breaking through  borders  ,started to enter the Chinese  people  living in the city.
      Many women  can  ,but  to figure  more and more  swimsuit  love  ,if there is  a coach  in  water  exercise,  not  just  its meaning  ?Water  natural  resistance  to  limbs  natural  weight  ,increased  every  body  movement changes  the intensity of the exercise.
      Is also  because of the resistance of the  role  ,each  body movements  are  not too  fast  Speed and  too  strong  impact force,  let  people simply do not have to  think of "  "  ;sports injury  ;appropriate  training  and  work  in summer  .
    Summer  is the body of  the new supersedes the old.  The most active  time  ,outdoor  activities,  activity  also increases relatively  .In  summer  day short night  ,hot weather  ,so  ,sleep time is also  less  so  than other seasons  .
    ,the body  ,accelerate blood circulation  ,sweating  also much.  Obviously  ,this season in the  heart  burden is  very heavy  ,if  not  pay attention to  the  maintenance of  the heart  ,it is easy to make  the heart  damage.
      Therefore  ,in the Chinese medicine  theory of keeping in good health  ,early  summer suitable  Yangxin  argument.  Yin  .Four  adjustable  theism  pointed out:  in the summer of  3 months,all  the beautiful  moments  ,lush  ,rising  to form clouds  ,falling  as  rain  weather  ,gas of the world  fellowship  ,everything  can be  vigorous growth  .
    In this season,  it  should be properly  and stay up late,  but  to get up early,  do not hate  the long day  ,to  maintain a  happy  ,and must not be  angry  ;to make  themselves  adapt to  the climate in summer  ,the mood  accessible  ,Qi and  dispersing  ,discharging  freely,  have strong interest to outside thing  ,which is adapted to  the  climate  in summer  ,to protect  a  gas.
      If not,  fine  God always  tension  ,depression  ,living  is also  against the  night short  rules  ,it is easy to damage  the heart.  The summer  and  many of the methods.  One is  in the living  ,to  sleep and wake up early  ,late,  in order to adapt to the  hot summer  weather  ,get up early  in order to comply with the  law  of two  is the  day length  .
    In clothes  ,summer sweating  ,clothes to be  frivolous  ,frequent change and wash  .Three  diet  ,to eat  hot food  ,eat  sour  ,sweet food  .This kind of food  can  Qingre heat  ,increase  the body of water,  to supplement the  sweating  consumption.
      Such as  plum soup  ,bean  ,cucumber  ,tomatoes with sugar  ,mung bean  porridge  is this kind.  They already have  nutritional value  and  health  function  ,.Four is in the  emotional  aspects  ,to be happy  ,optimistic  ,not  nervous  irritation.
      Excessive tension  ,anger  ,will increase  the  burden of  cardiovascular system  ,to accelerate the heartbeat  ,blood pressure  ,prone to  cardiovascular disease  .And  smooth  ,relaxed mood,  is  ease  the burden on the heart  of a  good method.
      In addition  ,appropriate  exercise  Yangxin  method  ,this  is very beneficial  to  health  .In  practice  should  choose a quiet  ,cool  ,airy place  .Early in the morning or  night is  a good  time  .
    The frail  and  weak heart function  in  the  people  ,You  should  practice more  summer  Yangxin  method.  The method is as follows:  (  1)hands balled into fists.  Sit up  ,two arms nature is  placed  in  between the two stocks  ,breath support  ,エアジョーダンレトロ,then  two  hard  fist.
      Inhale  exhale  to relax  ,hold  ,can  continuously to do 6 times  .This  method  has  the  effect  of regulating qi and blood  ,with the respiratory  effort  ,for the  adjustable  breath  and blood circulation  is good.
      But  when  hard  fist  ,can rise to  massage  the palm  Laogong acupoint  effect,  with Yangxin  effect.  As in  practice  hand holding the  body-building ring  ,the effect is better  .(  2)for  supporting  objects  .
    Sit  ,left  in  his right wrist  ,two hands simultaneously  lifted  head  ,smooth  breathing.  Exhale  hands  to  lift,  such as  supporting  the weight  ,inspiratory time to  relax.  So  do 10  ~ 15times,right hand  exchange  ,with  his right hand  on the  left wrist  ,then  do it 1 times  ,the action  as before.
      This  action can  dredge  main and collateral channels  ,Qi and blood  ,muscles and joints  (  activities of the upper extremity  .3)brothers  fight  .Sit up  ,hands ten  cross one  grip,  right leg  knee,  foot  in  two palms  ,hands  ,The life must continue,feet  slightly forced  together.
      Then relax  ,left leg  ,movements such as  before,  can be alternately  6 times.This action  can go  between  various disease  heart  wind evil  ,broad chest  Qi  ,also have  activities of limbs  bone.
      (  4)closing eyes  swallow ferry  .Sit up  ,two arms nature is flagging  ,.In  the shares,Nike Air Foamposite Pro,  eyes  closed  ,smooth  breathing  ,mouth  closed  ,so  sit awhile  ,to  export  the body fluid  of more,  will be  their swallowing  ,continuous  swallowing  3 times.
    Then  ,the upper and lower teeth  sought to move  ,tapping  10 ~15 times.This  method  ,namely the  health  work  in the  swallow ferry  tapping  and meditation  method  ,can be  calming,  tooth  ,http://nikeairfoamposite1.com/,and spleen  .
    Summer  ,sun  entered the "  ;a war  "  ;many people  think  tanned  skin  is  healthy skin  signs  ,in fact it is not so  .Senior beautician  Hu Huifen tells us  :the sun  can cause  skin aging  ,and  ultraviolet A  (  UVA  )  and  ultraviolet B  (  UVB  )  is  the main  source of trouble  .
    Ultraviolet Ammm  everywhere  ,Love Rui sun Tour - Shanghai Kang Ruili blog network rayli.com.cn monkey,annual all has  ,is  the source of  skin  aging  .It not only  can penetrate glass  get indoors,  but also  through the  skin  epidermis  to  dermis.  Not only  causes tanning  ,sunburn  ,will  cause skin  premature aging  and  ultraviolet Bmmm  relaxation  .
    A  strong ultraviolet radiation  ,also causes the  skin to blacken  killer.  In a short period of time can  cause adverse effects  on  the skin  ,causing  skin  burns  ,or peeling  .Sunscreen  sunscreen  SPF is  relatively small,  but  it has some good  advantages  ,such as  good  waterproof  ,distribution  ,suitable for  Swimming  ,sunbathing  use  sunscreen  ,sunscreen lotion  .
    Use range is very wide  ,and  has  a sun protection function  ,lipstick and other  cosmetics such as  makeup  is  very useful,  you can  choose according to their needs  .Apply sunscreen  ,don  neglect the neck  ,chin  ,ears of those  places  ,be  caused by  uneven skin tone  ,to  face  !Repair  even  good  sun protection measures  ,but if  the sunlight is very  much,  the night  is best to use  sun care  products  .
    In  the heat of the skin  with a  sedative effect  ,must use  make-up water  to  apply face  ,makeup  water into the refrigerator  cooling  ,is a good  method  to  avoid the sun  behind  whitening  .Ugly  freckles  ,spots  ,nike zoom kobe 6,require the use of  whitening skin care products  to enhance the  skin  stratum corneum  physiological function  ,inhibit the formation of melanin  ,fade  the stratum corneum melanoma cells  ,make skin  gradually reach  white  tinged  with red color  .
    The after-sun repair  whitening  methods,  can be  in the beauty salons do  short-term  quick  repair  ,also  can be  at home to do their own  long-term  deep repair  .Correct the  error  behavior  as long as the  sun  in the morning 10  to 3 pmto avoid  going out  ,should  not easily  sunburned  ?!sun  Don  the time  !Whether it is  morning  ride  ,or  bike to work  ,although not  strong  ultraviolet light  at noon  ,but still there  .
    I want to  black  point  ,so  don  rub sunscreen  also  never mind  .More exciting  Bowen  Qingqing  recommended reading  reading  online  heat transfer  of  ten healthy food  vaginal self-purification
    process  to build  tall  skills  :accelerated motion  fat burning  discharge  health  fat  more  truth  life coup  female health  wealth  accumulation  health  tips  toothbrush  health effect  12 organmost
    vulnerable to  cancer  detoxification beauty  recipe  food  drugs  poison  how to pick the  sanitary napkin  5deadlydevil  trap  build  slender  legs  selected  nine  eating  zongzi  on  cooking  skills
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