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    主题 Air Formposite One peer encouragement

    Iraq  jewelry to join the  site  :51good projectnetwork  Iraq  jewelry items  :Iraq  ,a  carrier  of Chinese traditional auspicious culture  ,which lasted ten years  development of cultural  jewelry  ,to  become an independent school  of  China  wind  "  ;"  ;brand personality  ,Chinese and Western  design concepts and  superb technology  has won wide praise  .
    Iraq  to  "  ;gold and silver inlay  Yu Zhongguo  wind  "  ;for the  product concept  ,development of all types  of Hetian  jade  ,jade  inlaid gold and silver  ,agate  ,crystal  ,jade  jewelry inlaid  .
    Products  using quality  materials  ,to be superb  mosaic  technology and  Chinese and Western  design philosophy  ,become the  jewelry  industry "  ;Chinese  cultural jewelry  "  ;the leading brand  .
    The  culture  in  2000 birthstonejewelry  that year  ,founder of the brand  .Mr. Chen Hanyi  gave  the  "  ;do  Chinese  own  culture auspicious  jewelry  ,let every  female fashion  can easily have  !"  ;philosophy and objectives  ,and in  Chinese culture  hinterland  mm  Beijing opened its first  flagship store brand  .
    In 2006,  American  culture  and  American  PAJ jewelry  Jewelry  Group  joint venture  ,has a strong  R & D and production  platform and  space for international development  ,brand operation  has entered a rapid  growth stage  .
    2008  Beijing OlympicGames  "  ;gold and silver inlay  jade  medal "  ;and  " great  ;China  wind "  ;opening ceremony  has greatly promoted  the  "  ;gold and silver inlay  Yu Zhongguo  "  ;product concept  ,the  market by the  widespread recognition and support  ,"  ;China  wind "  ;jewelry  is becoming the new  trend of the market  now  ,more than 200  .
    Chain  stores  throughout the country  ,You think so too! I love you, you don't see, just pretending not...,the  auspicious  and blessing  to wear  !Is  achievement of  Iraq  ,also the achievements of  Chinese  jewelry  in the future  !We  are absorbing the western  commercial  culture essence  at the same time  ,through the  jewelry  this one carrier  ,carry forward  the Chinese auspicious culture  strain every nerve  in 5000  ,let  every modern  Chinese  have  a chance in life  feel the  Chinese  traditional auspicious culture  value and charm  !Iraq  are each a product of  adhering to the  original design  ,every idea  comes from the  Chinese  auspicious culture  in the  story  or myth  ,each product  can  meet customer    spiritual sustenance  !We are a  real business  ,we are  Chinese  auspicious  culture  ,Fine, sunny day!I  ,ten years of exploration and  the pursuit of  like  Pronto  ,all  efforts in  Iraq  today  is reciprocated  .
    All over the country  chain stores,700brandsOperation team  ,validation of  Iraqi  cultural marketing innovation  model of success  ,Air Formposite One,the jewelry industry,  Iraq  has become a  culture  of excellence in the fields of  representative  jewelry  ,エアジョーダン  give him the time of 12 hours!"  ;Maylee  "  ,is an  Iraqi  ;after ten years  ,always adhere to the original  design  ,Nike Air Foamposite One,committed to the development of  Chinese  original culture  jewelry  brand  .
    In 2000,  the  "  "  ;;born in  jewelry market  of a  European style  beauty  ,Chinese  original  words power  loss,  let  us  determined to  carry the flag,  the  broad and profound  Chinese  culture through the  jewelry  this vector  popularized.
      "  ;the  "  Maylee  ;brand founder  Mr. Chen Hanyi  realises deeply,  the only national,  is the world,  Chinese  culture  jewelry  in the future will  move towards the world  .Innovation is a kind of  pressure  ,are more of a  liability  ,then  ,the  pioneers,  to the  Chinese  cultural jewelry  from the  concept  .
    Kangxi  big dictionary  was found in the  "  "  ;jade  ;the secret of the word  ,that eventually created  the  "  have a style of one  ;jade  word wall  "  ;"  ;jade  culture.  Nowadays,  the word wall  "  ;has become  an important  symbol of  the  brand  ,to the vast  jade culture is  deduced  the  brand culture.
      Iraq  every  jewelry  has its own  spirit  Space and  Chinese  symbols  ,either  fine  bright  or  steady  introverted,  can make you  feel  beautiful Yi  to  carry forward the  Chinese culture  .Iraq  into  the brand  strength of all  ,truly realize the  cultural jewelry  market  and scale of  operation  ,created a lot of  classic  theme  ,nike hyperdunks 2011,launched in 2004,  "  ;Chinese  red "  ;theme  ,launched in 2008,  "  ;and "  ;theme is  the most representative  one of  the  classic  !Along the way,  Iraq  has undergone many  brand positioning  adjustment  ,upgrade and improve  brand image and connotation  ,2008,Chinese and western  of the fourth generation of a new  image  to launch  ,wonderful interpretation of  the  brand new concept.
      Through Beijing  and  the two Shenzhen  professional marketing company  synchronization  on the national market  expansion  operation  ,a chain of 150  storesnationwide sales  network  is constructed  .
    The  cultural jewelry  have a style of one  innovation  style  ,has become China  jewelry exhibition  in a beautiful landscape.  Scholars  affirmed  ,media appreciations  ,peer encouragement  ,for a time,  the  brand has become  the original Chinese culture  jewelry  market  pioneer  !Iraq  has grown  for domestic  fashion  jewelry  brands  .
    The  jewelry  brand positioning  :Product positioning  :material selection of  Chinese  traditional  jade  and  agate jade  ,precious metal metal  inlay  ,leading production technology  industry.  Design  :Chinese  traditional culture  and modern fashion  the perfect combination of elements  ,the pursuit of classical  culture and  original design  .
    Price positioning:  broad  price  with  200 yuan~ 20000 yuan  ;kingpin  price  with  300 yuan~ 5000 yuan  channel  positioning  .:department stores or  SH0PPING  MALL  Adult  Womens  zone set up  rent system  stores or  image counters  .
    Marketing positioning  : the promotion of  prosperity  and  good luck in everything  Tiancheng  card  card  ,execute  the  membership  multiple  fixed preferential  ,establishing  membership  sales model  .
    Market positioning  : a class of  city  class two or three  channels  ;two  class  city  one or two  channels  ;three  a class of  class of  city  channel  .Field sales  location  :talk about the  implication of culture  ,and then  explain the  style design  ,finally  display  characteristics of packaging  ,cultural  marketing  implemented in  the terminal shops  .
    Consumer groups  :purchasing power  and cultural accomplishment of the  mature female,  the jade lovers  gifts  ,demand  ;age 25  ~ 50 year oldshopping guide  positioning  .:age 25 years  to 40 years old  ,have  culture  ,aesthetic taste  and life experience  ,have affinity and  communication ability  .
    The  core competitiveness of  Chinese  culture  :jewelry  jewelry  ,original design  concept  Cultural marketing  ,constitute  the  core competitiveness  the  jewelry join  conditions  :1,identity  of Iraq    to comply with national laws  and regulations  ,insist on integrity management  ,has a good business reputation  ;2,with the  successful marketing experience in  legitimate legal  or natural person  ,with sufficient  operating capital  ,Air Jordan 3,management capital  is not lower than the  standard of the company  ;3,understand the brand  business,エアジョーダン11,  accept  and obey  the  understanding of  the way of franchise  and related  provisions  ,to  join  ;4the companyactivities  with a high degree of  ;5,with  the  end customers to provide  high quality  after sale  service and support  strength.
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